Message of the Chairman

Khandker Anwarul Islam

Designation: Cabinet Secretary

Position in Committee: Chairman

Membership No.: 1740


Cadre: BCS (Administration)


Throughout the world, an association like a club, acts as a bonding thread between a like-minded group of people who celebrates joyous moments together and in the time of need, acts unitedly to help each other or to support the humanity.

Officers’Club Dhaka is a prestigious club forthe officials of the republic. It has started its journey from 1967 and it now has nearly 6000 members. The club is situated in a picturesque place at Ramna in Dhaka. With its architecturallyaesthetic view, the club appears before its members and their families with features like swimming pool, gaming zones and various entertainments.

The public servants render thier services through different challenges and workloads. Within the hustle and bustle of life, Officers’ Club acts as a unique place for its members to relax, communicate with families and colleagues. Different types of cultural, humanitarian and social activitiescertainly lead the club to an opex organization of social bondage.

The new official website of theesteemed club will act as an information and service gateway. I believe the website will be considered as a nexus among the club members and their families.I wish Officers’ Club Dhaka will be a more popularhub with its dynamic activities and together we can enjoy our lives to the fullest.