Message of the General Secretary


Designation: Additional Secretary

Position in Committee: Secretary General

Membership No.: 3616


Cadre: BCS (Administration)

Present Address:

Officers’ Club Dhaka is an abode of peace and pleasure in the taciternity of our everyday life. Being the General Secretary of the club, I welcome you all to our newly formulated website.

We all know  that  Officers’ Club  Dhaka is an  association  of nearly 6000 officers of government, semi-government, autonomous bodies run by an executive committee. A traditional  picturesque manson with library, cafeteria, gym, well  furnished auditorium, tennis  courts, and other indoor and outdoor games and sports amenities have made it a unique place for all its members and their families. In addition, occasional cultural activities, humanitarian and welfare programmes have added flamboyant flavour.

I am optimistic that this club can play a pivotal role for its members to celebrate joyous moments of life with colleagues in the tussle of city life. Moreover, this new website will provide all its members necessary information and services that will help build more intimate bondings among the members.

Finally, I invite each and every member of the club to visit the website, get more involved with its activities and work together to make a better world to our successors.

Secretary  General