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1 Introductory words about Salon:


“An exclusive hair care center”

3 hair stylist including 2 master hair stylists from Dhaka Sheraton Hotel. Exclusively for executives, elites of the society and their family.

#Special Features#

·        Extra lounge (Waiting room with TV facility )

·        Special corner for kids

·        Spacious chamber for each client

·        Amusing seats for kids

·        All other beauty care facilities, fully air conditioned

·        Pleasant waiting zone for moms


2 Number of Salon: 1
3 Capacity: – persons


4 Opening hour: 10.30am – to – 9pm

Every day (IncludingWeekend & Govt. Holidays)

5 Fee:


For members (Male): 30 Taka
For children: 35 Taka
6 Contact Person:


Name:Razab And KhurshedAlam
Designation: Hair Stylist
7 Any other points:


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